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SystainSuite: over sixty systems sold in 2 years

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The latest generation of our advanced Suite of expert solutions, SystainSuite was introduced 2 years ago in Fall 2017. Since its launch more than 60 SystainSuite modules have been implemented and are ran by textile companies worldwide (Europe, Middle East, Africa, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and China). SystainSuite comprises sophisticated solutions and expert systems for

  • Holistic Textile Orders Management, Production Management and Execution, Inventory Management, Costing, Quality Management, Supply Chain Management & Traceability Support
  • Peer-to-peer Planning and Scheduling
  • Manufacturing Expert Systems for Knitting/Weaving, Dyeing, Finishing, Printing and Garment Making

SystainSuite is Industry 4.0-compatible and is suitable for textile companies of any size and complexity; it is available in English, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, German and Greek.

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