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Systainable Solutions’ GOTS Water/ Energy Monitor V2.0 downloaded by 250 Textile Manufacturers

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GOTS WE Monitor V2.the uniquely sophisticated energy-efficiency assessment tool, developed by Systainable Solutions Ltd and made available early 2019 by GOTS to its licensees has so far been downloaded by 250 individual GOTS licensed companies worldwide.

The tool can be downloaded from .

GOTS WE Monitor V2.0 is intended for Spinning, Knitting/ Weaving and Wet Processing Factories.

By utilizing Systainable’s proprietary benchmarking methodology and knowledge base the GOTS WE Monitor V2.0 enables textile manufacturers to analyze their water and energy efficiency and benchmark themselves vs global best performers.

The extremely-simple-to-use, intuitive tool visualizes the water and energy efficiency by means of easy-to-understand KPIs. It further provides estimates about the cost of inefficiency (gap compared to benchmark) and Green-House-Gas (GHG/ CO2) Emissions. The tool can be complemented with targeted, more-in-depth consultancy services by Systainable’s world-known pool of textile experts.

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